2019 Sponsorships

Maximize your participation at the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture 2019 by becoming an official sponsor. ASLA offers you many exclusive promotional opportunities that will align with your company’s marketing plan and strategy for your exhibit at the ASLA EXPO. Expand your company’s visibility by using one of these influential communication tools to reach your target market. Click here to download the Sponsorship contract.

Premier Sponsors ($10,000 and above) receive:

  • three-to-five-minute introductory remarks at the event you have sponsored
  • a 300-word feature article on your company and your products/services – including photos and hyperlinks – in LAND, ASLA’s biweekly e-newsletter (circulation 20,000+)
  • one full-page, four-color advertisement in the on-site print program – exclusive advertising opportunity for Premier sponsors only
  • choice of two complimentary tickets to the Council of Fellows Investiture Dinner or the President’s Dinner, which features the presentation of ASLA Honors and Installation of Officers
  • plus, all benefits listed below

General Sponsors ($5,000 and above) receive:

  • addition of a hyperlink to your company’s website when your company’s logo appears for sponsor recognition on the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture website
  • your logo and booth number displayed in an advertisement to appear in Landscape Architecture Magazine, thanking General and Premier level sponsors
  • special recognition on prominent signage at the convention center and other venues at the Conference
  • your company recognized as a General Sponsor of the Conference during the Conference’s general sessions
  • exclusive invitation to VIP and leadership-only events during the conference
  • right of first refusal for the same* sponsorship at the 2021 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture (deadline 12/31/2020)
  • plus, all benefits listed below

Supporting Level ($3,000 and above) receive:

  • your logo will appear in the print registration brochure (circulation 55,000+), on the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture website, and in the Conference’s on-site program (provided to all attendees), recognizing your company as a valuable sponsor of the Conference
  • special reserved seating at the Conference’s general sessions
  • sponsor ribbons on name badges of all your company representatives

Name Badge Lanyards – $25,000
Sponsored by Forms + Surfaces

All attendees will receive an eye-catching name badge lanyard. This is among the most visible sponsorships available for the meeting, as attendees must wear their badges to gain entry to events.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Sponsor name and logo on lanyards
  • Distribution of lanyards to more than 6,000 attendees
  • Premium sponsor benefits

Education Program Sponsor – $20,000
Sponsored by Playcore

ASLA offers more than 130 Education Sessions giving attendees the opportunity to earn up to 24 Professional Development Hours (PDH).

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Acknowledgement by all session hosts’ in opening remarks
  • Recognition on attendees’ earned PDH confirmation
  • Logo featured on the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture website
  • Greet and distribute marketing collateral to session attendees
  • Premium sponsor benefits

ASLA Council of Fellows Investiture Dinner and Video – $20,000
Sponsored by Landscape Forms

Among the most prestigious honors a landscape architect may attain is to be named a Fellow of the ASLA. The annual Council of Fellows Investiture Dinner on Sunday evening is a formal event recognizing the new class of inductees and highlighting their lifetime achievements in a video presentation.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Honored guest at the event (two complimentary tickets, $350 value)
  • Special seating and recognition during the program by the Chair of the Council of Fellows and during the video presentation
  • Company name listed on the event ticket, signage, and the printed program placed at each

The “Your Name Here” Welcome Reception – $15,000
Sponsored by Hunter Industries

Welcome the national ASLA Board of Trustees and Chapter Presidents to San Diego! They will arrive from all over the country on Wednesday, November 13, for governance meetings. Help them kick off the meeting with a casual reception from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Naming rights for the event
  • Honored guest at the event
  • Recognition on printed materials, signage, and napkins
  • Greet and distribute marketing collateral to attendees at the door
  • Premium sponsor benefits

Official Conference Gift – $15,000
Sponsored by Ironsmith

This year ASLA offers a stainless steel water bottle as the official conference gift instead of a plastic bag. Attendees encouraged to use bottle throughout the conference and beyond. 

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Logo imprinted on the official conference water bottle
  • Premium sponsor benefits

General Sessions – $15,000 each

Saturday, Sponsored by Landscape Structures
Monday, Sponsorship Available

More than 4,500 attendees gather for educational presentations and to earn Professional Development Hours (PDH) at each general session on Saturday and Sunday. The ASLA president or CEO will introduce the sponsor to say a few words and introduce the featured speaker(s).

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Logo projected on a large AV screen on stage
  • Company name listed in meeting printed materials, online, and on all signage
  • Place marketing collateral on tables at the entrances to the general session
  • Premium sponsor benefits

ASLA Student Awards Conference on Landscape Architecture Scholarships – $15,000 Sponsorship Available

Scholarships provide travel, hotel, and incidental expenses for the official entrant of the Student Award of Excellence recipients in seven categories (General Design, Residential Design, Analysis & Planning, Research, Communications, The Student Community Service Award, and Student Collaboration) as well as three ASLA Council of Fellows scholarship recipients.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Naming rights for the offering
  • Recognized at the Professional and Student Awards Ceremony
  • Acknowledgement at the Council of Fellows Business Meeting
  • General sponsor benefits

ASLA Awards Presentation and Video – $15,000 Sponsorship Available

Each year, the ASLA Professional Awards honor the best in landscape architecture from around the globe, while the ASLA Student Awards give us a glimpse into the future of the profession.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Featured on the Call for Entries brochure, website, and awards announcement
  • Recognition by the ASLA President during the ceremony.
  • Attend and meet the awards winners at the ceremony rehearsal
  • Recognition on the awards video presented at the ceremony and posted on the ASLA website and social media channels for free downloading
  • Premium sponsor benefits

PPN Live + Explore the Floor (formerly PPN Tours) – $15,000      Sponsorship Available 

Join PPN live and the popular Explore the Floor EXPO hall tours that give the sponsor a high profile brand exposure

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Logo on PPN Live signage
  • Opportunity to introduce PPN speakers
  • Acknowledgement as sponsor of each tour
  • Premium sponsor benefits

Bookstore Sponsor – $15,000    Sponsorship Available

The ASLA bookstore is the “must-visit-spot” during the conference. It is high traffic area and offers the sponsor the opportunity to have the brand associated with ASLA’s sought after  education materials

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Logo on bookstore overhead signage and general store signage
  • Opportunity to display collateral in bookstore
  • Sponsorship acknowledgement on general conference signage
  • Premium sponsor benefits

Mobile App Sponsor – $12,000    mmcité 7 LLC

The ASLA conference mobile app is used by 90% of all attendees. An invaluable tool to connect with friends, collect education points and sketch out visiting the EXPO floor.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Logo on conference app
  • Recognition of sponsorship on all materials and communication to attendees about the mobile app
  • Premium sponsor benefits

Mobile Charging Station  – $10,000 Sponsorships Available

Opportunity to customize five (5) attendee mobile charging units. These will be  placed strategically throughout the hall and in common areas for attendee use

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Recognition of sponsorship in communication to attendees
  • Recognition of sponsorship on all materials and communication to attendees about the charging stations
  • Premium sponsor benefits

ASLA National Leadership Luncheon – $10,000
Sponsored by Victor Stanley

Host the ASLA Board of Trustees and Chapter Presidents Council to lunch and kick off an exciting panel discussion by leaders of allied design organizations.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Introduction by the ASLA President and the opportunity to introduce the panelists.
  • Recognition on signage
  • Distribute marketing collateral to luncheon attendees
  • Premium sponsor benefits

President’s Dinner and Presentation of ASLA Honors – $10,000  Sponsorship Available

ASLA presents its highest honors each year at the President’s Dinner, this year on Monday, November 18. The program includes presentation of the Landscape Architecture Firm Award, the ASLA Design Medal, the ASLA Medal, the LaGasse Medals, the Olmsted Medal, the Community Service Award, the Medal of Excellence, the Jot D. Carpenter Teaching Medal, and the President’s Medal.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Includes a two-minute sponsor-provided video to be shown at the beginning of the presentation
  • Honored guest at the event (two complimentary tickets, $250 value)
  • Special seating and recognition during the program by the ASLA President and during the video presentation
  • Recognition on the event ticket, signage, and printed program
  • Premium sponsor benefits

Exhibit Hall Breakfast – Sunday – $10,000 Sponsored by  BCI Burke

The Sunday breakfast is a popular attendee benefit to begin their busy day with a healthy meal

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Breakfast napkins will have the sponsor logo
  • Breakfast bars will be decorated with table top branded signage
  • The sponsorship will be recognized in all attendee communication related to the event 
  • Premium sponsor benefits

Sustainability Sponsor – Sunday – $10,000  Sponsorship Available

Work with ASLA to increase our sustainable practices by supporting our conference mission. 

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Recognition as a sustainability partner on conference signage
  • Printed conference program  and one direct email featuring ASLA sustainability practice
  • Premium sponsor benefits

Professional Portrait Booth – $7,500
Sponsored by Equiparc

The Professional Portrait 10 x 30 booth offers attendees the opportunity to have headshots taken by professional photographers free of charge. The sponsor receives one-on-one face time with attendees at the booth. In addition to branded exposure on portraits given to visitors, the sponsor may also distribute giveaways to promote their brand.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Branded exposure in the Portrait booth
  • Branded exposure on all promotional emails before, during, and after the ASLA
  • Conference on Landscape Architecture
  • Branded exposure on all printed professional portraits
  • General sponsor benefits

ASLA Honorary Members and National Leaders Reception – $5,000
Sponsored by Permaloc

Join members of the ASLA elected leaders from across the country as they gather to bestow honorary membership upon friends of the landscape architecture profession on Thursday, November 14. Honorary membership in ASLA is among the highest honors the Society may bestow upon non-landscape architects.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Honored guest at the event
  • Greet attendees and distribute collateral at the door
  • Recognition from the ASLA President
  • Logo featured on special signage
  • General sponsor benefits

Emerging Professionals Reception – $7,500
Sponsored by Anova

The future of the profession is here! At the Emerging Professional Reception on Friday, November 15, young professionals will mingle with landscape architecture leaders and luminaries inspiring greater connection and new partnerships.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Greet attendees and distribute collateral at the door
  • Logo printed on napkins and special signage at bars and food stations during the reception
  • Logo featured on special signage
  • General sponsor benefits

Expo Map Sponsor – $5,000
Sponsored by Invisible Structures

The printed conference map is utilized by attendees throughout the conference. Take advantage of this product and put your brand name “top of mind”

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Logo on Expo Map
  • Highlighted booth on EXPO map
  • General sponsor benefits

EXPO Reception – Alumni Tailgate – Saturday – $3,000
Sponsored by Anova

There will be close to 50 schools and 1,000 extra visitors in the EXPO on Saturday, November 16, from 4:30-6:30 pm. Each school will be showing their school spirit with a table set up along the main aisles of the EXPO.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Naming rights and special announcements over the public address system in the EXPO
  • Company name printed on tickets given to all Alumni Tailgate attendees
  • Logo printed on napkins and special signage at bars and food stations during the event
  • General sponsor benefits

Carpet Logo – Exhibit Hall Entrances (One still available) – $3,000 each    Sponsored by BCI Burke

Place your company logo in the aisles where attendees enter the EXPO. One each at the entrances from Opening General Session and one at the main exhibit entrance. At 8’x 8’, they will be highly visible to all EXPO visitors.

EXPO Coffee – Saturday Only – $2,500
Sponsored by Freenotes Harmony Park

Welcome all attendees to the EXPO by sponsoring coffee/tea each morning of the EXPO. Six coffee/tea station will be set up throughout the EXPO on Saturday and Sunday.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Special signage at each coffee/tea station
  • Logo printed on napkins
  • Greet attendees at each coffee/tea station
  • General sponsor benefits

ASLA Learning Labs – $1,500   

Sponsored by ECOconcrete, Fountain Craft Manufacturing, Natural Stone Institute, NDS Inc., Scofield

Build better brand awareness and generate additional sales by demonstrating your expertise in ASLA’s Learning Lab theater, live in the EXPO. Five Learning Labs may be reserved in 60-minute blocks during EXPO hours, allowing 50 minutes of instruction time. The presentation area will be equipped with theater seating for 85 attendees, a screen and projector, and a head table with two chairs. The open setting will encourage passersby to drop in and draw attendees to the presentation.

Submit the proposal form to apply. *Additional AV and/or catering may be arranged at the sponsor’s expense.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Promotion on the official meeting website
  • Recognition on signage and printed materials
  • Announcement over the public address system
  • Greet and distribute marketing collateral during each session
  • Offer one PDH to attendees (must be a LA CES provider)

New Product Package – $2,500  Sponsorship Available

Announce your new innovative product during the premier event for Landscape Architecture

  • Inclusion in attendee e-blast to promote visiting booths with new products to offer
  • Listing of booth number on materials highlighting new product to see at the show
  • Recognition of sponsorship on general sponsorship signage

Overhead Signage in the EXPO – $500 Sponsorship Available

Exhibitors with island booths (20’ x 20’ or larger) may arrange for special signage to hang above their booths so attendees may see them from anywhere in the EXPO. Signs must be approved by ASLA and the fee paid before arrangements can be made with Freeman for hanging signs (Freeman fees not included).
All overhead sign sponsorship requests must be submitted to ASLA no later than Friday, October 18 , 2019. ASLA will not accept requests for overhead signs after Friday, October 18.

Official ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture Plant Provider – No charge, just provide plants
Sponsored by Moon Valley Nurseries

Perfect for area nurseries or growers! Working with ASLA staff and the official show general contractor, the official plant provider will provide live plant material for use in the stage sets, the registration area, and other high profile spots throughout the convention center.

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Recognition on signage and printed materials
  • General sponsor benefits

Questions about sponsorships?

Contact the ASLA Sales Managers at 202-216-2325 or email